Form is the element that makes my pieces interesting and engaging, drives my ideas and creative practice forward and is the foundation of my work and aesthetic. My way of creating work is rudimentary- using the coil and pinch method with many of my inspirations and ideas for form coming from historical pots, traditional ways of making, notions about labor, the cultures associated with those objects and cultures that subsist and have spiritual relationships with the land and places they live. My work is a way to cope with the overwhelming speed of the world.

The work I make is my soliloquy of simpler times.

I turn the soil.

I plant the seeds.

I grow the wheat.

I harvest the grain.

I grind the flour.

I trade for the salt.

I collect the water.

I knead the dough.

I coax the fire.

I bake the bread.

Nourishment comes in many forms-labor, vulnerability, connectedness, and desire.  The vessels of clay I make are for sustenance. They are documentation of my intent and signifier of my connection to this life, both past and present. Having the hand present in my work is critical. It is through the element of touch I am able to honor honesty, vibrancy, energy, and humility.